With 35 years of professional commercial mortgage experience and industry knowledge coupled with our relationship with a wide variety of Lenders: National Banks, Local Banks, Insurance Companies, Freddie Mac, SBA Lenders etc. Reliable Mortgage Consultants can obtain the right loan for your Refinance or Purchase needs. We are your expert commercial mortgage advisor who will determine the best possible financing solution for short and long term.




♦    We do not charge any upfront application or processing fees.

♦    Wealth of Commercial Mortgage knowledge based on 35 years of experience.

♦    Our expertise in Commercial Mortgage has granted us a wealth of knowledge to enable us to advise you on the best possible financing solution for your mortgage needs.

♦    Our extensive experience enables us to negotiate with Lenders complicated issues on your behalf.

♦    Our assistance to you does not stop at closing, if any situation arises with the Lender, we are available to help you.


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We have versatile lending programs to meet all your requirements


Commercial Loans are available whether you are purchasing a property or refinance an existing loan. The property income and expense and loan to value ratio will determine the loan amount, rate, and terms a lender will be willing to finance.

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Construction loans offer short-term financing to construct a new building or to renovate an existing property. Funds will be advanced by the Lender to the Builder based upon the percentage of completion.

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Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac Commercial Loans provides many options for multi-family apartment buildings, student, and senior housing. These loans are sold to Freddie Mac for securitization in mortgage pools. Interest rates are usually lower than traditional Lenders for 5 units and up for apartment buildings.

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SBA loans are an excellent option for purchasing Commercial Real Estate, Buying Land, New Construction, Owner Occupied Real Estate, Motels, Self-Storage, Assisted Living, Pre-Schools, Office Buildings, Restaurants to name a few.

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CRE Loans

CRE (Commercial Real Estate Loans) loans can be obtained for construction, purchase or refinance ( Rate and Term or Cash-out ) for industrial, mix-use, hotels, motels and self-storage properties.

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Investment/ Rental Property Loans

Investor Loans are available for non owner occupied 1-4 family and condos to Purchase or refinance - Rate and Term or Cash Out. These loans are typically non-recourse, fixed rate, adjustable or interest only.

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Understanding Commercial Mortgage requirement

Purchasing or refinancing an existing commercial real estate loan requires the property to generate the sufficient annual gross income to repay the principal and interest to the Leader for the term of the loan.

Leaders are interested in knowing that the annual gross income will also cover the annual taxes, and all other fixed and flexible expenses plus an expected minimum return on investment of 25% or more for the owner.



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